Emerald Jewelry India Limited is the result of one man’s dream and unending hard work to grow into ‘World’s Largest Jewelry Manufacturer’ from scratch. Way back in 1984, founder K.Srinivasan started EJIIL in Coimbatore to meet the demands of India’s market that was just asserting itself and finding it’s place as an economy. People were not satisfied with the stale merchandise peddled throughout the country and demanded better quality and design, both of which Emerald delivered in spades. Rapidly adapting to emerging technology and good innovation helped Emerald propel itself to the top where it sits right now, as one of the World’s Leading Manufacturers. 

Today, EJIIL boasts a whopping number of unique designs –excess of 500,000, a broad diversification technology used, a 5000 member plus dedicated workforce, 15 exclusive showrooms across various states in India (with many more to come), 82 distributors all over the country, and design centers in Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai – and is still growing. Emerald has always been about producing novel and innovative pieces of jewelry that people would be proud to call their own. From the dainty little ear studs that twinkle merrily in your ear to impressive canvases of full-fledged traditional ottiyanams, lavish attention to detail is paid to ensure that they are worthy of the Emerald brand. Emerald is synonymous with perfection, and our every last product stands testament to that.