“ Only located in the Coimbatore but the technology installed here is multinational. Emerald is a only factory which prides of having two different technology setup, all under one roof ”

We under one roof have multiple manufacturing setups like machine Jewellery manufacturing, Handmade Jewellery, Electro-forming, Fusion technology and counts grow.

Lately, Jewel industry has been adopting itself to Technological revolution, whereas we at Emerald commenced this much before with advanced and latest technology.

Our production technology goes hand in hand with all latest jewel technology that all countries in the world have ever seen.

To produce world class Jewellery and meet global requirements, we use Tennis Chains, Italian machines, Turkey Machines, Swiss Machines, Germany Machines and many more. All the machines that we use are the best variants of its kind which further augments the overall product quality.

It is our pride in making outstanding Jewelries with latest technology.