“ Having been our guiding light, Quality has been that single most thing that has taken us to the greatest height. Ensuring excellence in finish and high business ethics in all our work has truly been a key differentiator and has helped us soar high to be one of the world’s largest jewellery manufacturer ”

We ensure our negative tolerance to be nil in the committed purity. If we want to manufacture our purity for 916 we ensure to do it for 917. This is being continually monitored from the procurement of raw materials.

Our quality mantra is to provide the best finish and make product fulfil customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and delight them.

We control our process to get the products right the first time and our karigars check the products at each level of the manufacturing to achieve our quality mantra.

We use Swarovski stones to get the best in class stone glitter, through cut, clarity, colours and carat.

We use child safe and non-toxic non-gold and other accessories in our Jewellery to give best in class experience to our customers.