“ With over 40000 designs augmenting our exquisite design bank each year Emerald has over 5,00,000 designs that continuously is growing ”

The uniqueness of designs and obsession for quality and perfection has taken us to the heights that it is at today. We feature ultra-modern and streamlined shapes that appeal to the woman who prefers jewelry to be bold.

Till now we have almost 5,00,000 designs in our data base and it still counts. Every month we roll out almost 3500 designs. We have all most all varieties like Platinum, Silver & Diamond Jewellery designs.

Traditionally customers are used to buying jewelry in retail shops where they pick what they like in the available designs. Here, we have upped the game and have taken it to a completely different space where ‘You Dream your design and we make it just how you imagine’

We create unimaginable designs, in our store of designing. We have made a bench mark in jewel industry and have been awarded when we created Burj Khalifa , the 6 feet tall spectacle which has been a key feather in our cap.We have also made golden shirt, massive Petronas Tower, identical twin tower and several other wonders, which has not been created by another jewel manufacturer.