“ With impeccable intricacy in every inch, Emerald manufacturers masterpieces, not just jewels ”

Craftsmen are synonymous to God in the field of jewelry. We consider them equivalent to Brahma (Creator of universe) since they give life and bring divinity to a jewel.

“We would strongly say that Emerald is precise and conscious about its quality and finish. Ever since 1985, when quality and design weren’t given much importance, our founder always insisted that a product have life in it.”

– K Subramaniam, Head Karigar.

We use tiny elements like arumbu (Bud) which is even 1/10 of an mm perfection in various jewelries. We check quality even in that and amend if needed. We always intend to bring out customer satisfaction to the maximum level in terms of weight, quality, finish and design.

We give special training to Karigars to draw eyes on idols since eyes portrays the beauty of the idol. We use precision tools that are used in the medical field which is unique in jewelry industry to gain accuracy and to bring alive on the features of God.